Things I can’t do without

One thing I’ve been greatly relieved to find in Edinburgh is good coffee. When we visited England and Ireland in 2009, a decent coffee was almost impossible to find. I remember, on our return to New Zealand, falling on the cafe at Auckland Airport like a man who has been in the desert for weeks.

Has coffee culture in the UK improved since our last visit? Or has cosmopolitan Edinburgh long been a place where you can get a decent latte? We didn’t make it to Scotland last time, and I haven’t yet tried coffees south of the border on this trip, so I’m currently unable to answer these questions.

Oh, and one other thing – on our visit to the Asda superstore yesterday, we discovered that they sell Vegemite! Fiona, bless her, secretly carried a jar of Vegemite all the way from New Zealand so that I wouldn’t immediately have to go cold turkey on my Vegemite addiction – but now we find that we can buy it locally. Hooray!


3 thoughts on “Things I can’t do without

  1. Caffeine and vegemite! Is it our addictions that define us? Are you on the slippery slope towards damnation, Ewan?


  2. Wellington cafe on the way up to the Royal mile has good coffee. Or you could have a cuppa in the cafe where JK Rowling wrote HP. Recommend the walking tour. Helps orientate.


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